Saturday, February 28, 2009

Settling Down

Sorry for the lack of updates! Thing are going really busy at the moment. Anyway, good news! I finally got my internet a few days ago. But was too busy to blog. :P

And the fridge came on the same day too. Luckyness! So yeah, the past few days we have been trying to scourge stuff for our kitchen. Must be cheap but not too lousy quality, difficult-nya!

Anyway, later we will be cooking our first dinner here hehe. I feel we are quite lucky to be staying where we are coz we are near to the weekend market and woolsworth, so we can get everything we want without having to walk too far!

Next week will be my last week in geriatrics. I did learn quite a bit in this rotation and I think I did use my time quite fruitfully. (well I don't have a choice, do I? with sucha full timetable lol) But I really need to brush up on my clinical examinations, especially for msk and neuro where I feel I'm still lacking.

Gonna start Msk rotation after this. Hope it will be a good run with lots of opportunities to learn!

PS: A very happy birthday to Fun Fun by the way! Hope you liked the cute card I sent you :) Sad that I can't be with you to celebrate your birthday..

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