Monday, May 18, 2009

Labour Of Love: Part III

Hey it's been a long time since my cooking posts, hasn't it? Time for another one! :D

First up is this new dish I tried - Lemon Chicken.

it doesn't look nice though and kinda failed too.

I put too much lemon so it became quite sour. maybe will have another go next time.

Next up is just nong shim noodles turned into quite a healthy meal.

spicy, the way I like it.

I added tomatoes, green leafy vege, spring onions, egg and fish slices to make it more nutritious!

Not bad for an instant noodle meal, right? ^^

Next we have a picture of a full meal I cooked ages ago. I think I overdid it on the amount. (now better at estimating haha)

steamed chicken, stir fry vege, fried egg and sausages

I think I probably ate all that in 2 meals tho haha

(yeah I'm bringing lunch boxes to hospital everyday, really saves lots of money hehe)

Okay, finally something new and tastes nice! Guess what?

A chinese favourite: Fried rice!

I fried overnight rice (apparently thats better) with leafy vege, carrot slices, meat and tomatoes.

But after this I never added tomatoes anymore coz it makes it too watery.

Last but not least, aglio oglio pasta, my own style! ^^

doesn't it look absolutely yummy? My stomach is grumbling just looking at this pic.

Basically the same thing, but instead of adding other sort of vege, use mushrooms (i love love shitake mushrooms!!), carrot slices and some spring onions.

Don't forget the meat haha and for some extra flavour, I added basil leaves and parsley as well! Squeeze in some lemon juice for that tangy taste!

close up shot! Me trying out the macro mode of my camera. Looks nice, doesn't it?

After frying, coat it well with olive oil and sprinkle on some cheese for that extra oomph!

And voila, you have a delicious dish on ur hands!

So that's it for now. I have a few more dishes I think and might try more new ones when I get bored of eating the same food over and over again. So watch this space for the next part of Labour of Love!!

(lol. I think I sound like some tv cooking show host or something. :P)

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