Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yesh I know I shld be posting real posts abt moi but I was taking a break just now and checked out this funny link from pinkpau's blog. You MUST have a look!!

My Dad Is A FOB! Click here please!

F.O.B. stands for "Fresh Of the Boat"; according to urban dictionary, it refers to immigrants who once came to America by boat. In its general sense, it may be applied to any immigrant; but recently, there seems to be a consensus to apply it only to Asian immigrants.

So the site is abt hilarious stuff that happened btw dads who are FOBs obviously and their not so FOB kids lol.

Not convinced? Let me show you some hilarious gems that I found.

Post #1:
It ends at “O”

Me: dad, i need some money.

Dad: why!? what now?!

Me: well prom is coming up soon…and a bunch of friends and i want to rent a condo at the beach.

Dad: …who is going, who are you going to share the condom with. how much is it?

Post #2: Stand by me

I told my dad to pick me up in the morning/afternoon as long as he was free.

Yes madam. because u r my sweetheart. i.ve reserved my whole life 4 u. i always standby. Dad

Post #3 (also my fav): The birds and the bees…and Secret Victoria.

Dad: Kimson, i have to remind you EVEY time. What is your focus? You want to be pregnant, disgrace family, with 5 kid and no daddy? Your focus is always school. Bring home the A, not the baby. You stay away from boys! they just good to carry heavy "tings" for you. like textbooks. and fix things. like leaking refrigerator.


Dad: Have you fix drip yet? Ask your mexican friend help you move a little to turn off ice maker. Anyway, i remind you that no sex until marry.

Me: whatever dad.

Dad: And for you that is maybe 30. No boy like you anyway. You need PHD. Bring home the diploma and a nice vietnamese docta. Then we will see.


Dad: You don't okay me. Okay for little scrub. You say yes dad. AND DON'T LET ME SEE YOU GO ONTO SECRET VICTORIA on computer! you buy that red sexxciting and boy go crazy! I don't Like!

Me: oh my god!!!!


Now, tell me, isn't all those just too hilarious for words?! *rotfl*


Titus Tang said...

lol, quite true too

Xindi said...

try mymomisafob website too..
it's hilarious~~~

Zzzyun said...

titus> haha actually the last one is quite true... but the way he say it is just omgwtfbbq funny lah!! if my dad say tat to me in tat way i think i'll faint LOL!!

xindi> hey thanks for the recommendation! i shld hv guessed that there is a mum version as well hehe..

btw are u the Xindi i knew from college?

Xindi said...

yes..I'm the Xindi from Inti HSC..:)

Zzzyun said...

oh cool. how are u? havent spoken to u in ages..

btw i didnt know u were reading my blog! >.<