Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Week of Work + Play

Hey hey, I know I've been a bit slow on the blogging horizon the past few weeks but I really have been busy. yeah yeah busy is an overused word in a medical student's dictionary. That page is probably all ragged and dog-eared now.

Okay before I digress. What did I miss out in my previous post?

Oh ya!! I went to watch Stomp 2 weeks ago! It was pretty good but imho, it was a bit short for 80bucks each. It went for about 1 hour and 45 mins. And I was kinda expecting them to use more of kitchen utensils (the tinkling sort ya know?) but they used more of the big tongs sort of thing. Debbi said she saw a korean version wic used more of kitchen utensils so I might keep that in my list of things to check out when I earn my own moolah. haha.

My favourite bit was when they bring out these sinks with dishes and water in them. And they made music with them. That was lovely. And the funny part was when they let out the water in the sinks into a bucket in front of them and it totally looked like they were peeing!! lol.

But on the overall it was great. :) sry I dont have any photos coz cameras were not allowed.


And I had a blast last weekend. It was Seng Chye's birthday last friday and we decided to hold a steamboat party at our place. We invited the seniors as well.

everyone having fun. Seng Chye is doubling over with laughter I think.

He brought his guitar as well. his singing is so good!

And tada here's the cake!

chocolate marble cake, yummy!

love how we made the candles form the number 24! cool~

It was a really fun party. After a delicious steamboat (which I miss so much!), we played charades. so funny man. lol.

And then, saturday was just a day of fun! ohmygosh the seniors asked us out for karaoke, dinner and clubbing!! I finally found out that there are some times where karaoke is cheaper! 9 bucks for 3 hours is certainly cheap in my book compared to our 1st time there.

Seniors also let us try some drinks. I quite like Muscato and Baileys. Baileys is like chocolate whee! lol! They also brought us to this club where its mostly asians. haha I feel like I'm back in malaysia there! Music was pretty good too, I know quite alot of the songs. And the best thing abt it is that smoking is not allowed here. yay, nonid to breathe someone else's secondhand smoke!

I think I'm getting old, my knees started to ache after sometime dancing. Well at least that definitely fit my exercise quota that week! :P

We went to grab some Mcd after clubbing coz we were positively starving. And they came to our hse to eat and chill for a while. And somehow we started talking crap and gossiping till morning. Haha I thought that was really fun, I miss talking crap to ppl who could understand me without having to try to watch my language (no lahs, mahs, abothens etc). =(


shit half of my post disappeared, blogger is apparently having maintenance!! But I tot autosave is on, aihs..

Anyway, I will try to rewrite whatever I wrote just now. *brain, fai fai remember!* See I am so nice!

Ok so for the medical aspect of the week.

Nothing much really happened, pretty mundane stuff really. Oh I got to witness a "code blue aka medical emergency" last week. Pt had a cardiac arrest and they were trying to resuscitate him with CPR. Unfortunately, they couldnt save him. It wasn't my 1st time seeing this though (saw 2 simultaneous ones at sban last yr) so I wasn't too traumatized. but it was kinda sad though.

Well that kinda wraps up the week.

And I just realised, thanks to Deb's tip, that apparently I have exams in 1 month's time. oh my! It's a formative exam for Infectious Diseases, Pathology, Pharmacology. Sigh, looks like I really got to catch up with those lectures ade.. And they aren't exactly my favourite subjects either, especially the way they teach them here. =/ But looks like an even busier next few weeks for me! Got to fit studying those units into everything else.

Okay gotta go! Take care, everybody!

PS: Hello Uncle Lai Shouk! *waves* I didn't know you were reading my blog until I got ur email some months ago. (I keep forgetting to mention it here) Btw, you still haven't reply my email on how you got my blog address in the first place!! I better be careful of what I write here, eh? lol.


Anonymous said...

Kevin - hello ... havent been reading ur blog for ages. Its' time to change that Kevin link from pinkshirtz to

i miss malaysia already. abeerdeen is kinda boring but pretty scenic.

clubs here are way different, more fun, less cool.

Which club did u go to?

Zzzyun said...

hey Kevin, what a surprise to hear from u!

okie i will change tat link soon. u sure u want me to do tat? coz everybody will be able to read it d..

anyway i went to a club called Metro's. i like going to an asian club, coz it reminds me of home haha... and the music not bad. no smoking rawrs as well!

why did u say the clubs u went to less cool le?