Sunday, June 07, 2009


Guess what? I had been very diligently going jogging once a week for 5 weeks already! I must say, I'm quite proud of myself. As I used to be quite a typical sedentary medical student hahaha..

Of coz, my stamina is not excellent, that's why I hvta slow down and rest between intervals. But I can slowly feel some gradual tiny improvement so that's good. :)

Why am I doing this? Well besides the obvious reasons of health (I need more exercise!!), I was hoping I would be able to keep the fat at bay too lol. I feel perpetually hungry here (not sure whether izzit becoz of the cold) but I scared of getting fat lah!! Cannot be like imu times, just eat and let it grow fat haha.

(omg I miss maggi goreng so much... ajimal's maggi goreng the best!! T_T)

If I would to give one more reason, it would be I'm kinda lonely bored here so I'm treating this like a project. Gives me something to concentrate on. A goal of sorts. So I don't think about other things too much..

Oh and do you know that actually you feel more alert after exercise? Not more tired as most people would think. I hope that would help me in my studies somehow. haha.

Might add in some other exercises as well... to tone up all this flabby fats. =/ Hope I would be able to see through this project of mine.

I think this is one of the stages in my life that I'm having sucha healthy lifestyle. Lots of vege, fruit, less meat and some exercise! wow. *amazed with myself lol*


Titus Tang said...

"Oh and do you know that actually you feel more alert after exercise? Not more tired as most people would think."

Couldn't agree more.
Everyone keeps giving the "very tiring" excuse to avoid exercise, they just don't do it often enough to realise the benefits.

Zzzyun said...

haha yeah. i never realised it myself until i start exercising.

and its important to not push urself too hard at the beginning. coz if u overdo it and get aches etc after that, then you wont feel like continuing it after that. right? :)

fireheart said...

Lol then maybe you should invest to join the gym!! I signed up for a year one gym membership at my uni (okay, a little costly at the beginning but pretty worth it) because I can attend ANY class I want, have someone tailor my sessions and do lotsa stuff...hehe. But I love those dancing, pilates and boxing classes. Hehe...

Yeah and working out is awesome once the stamina is building. The results so satisfying and rewarding.

Zzzyun said...

wow ur gym membership sounds awesome actually! but unfortunately i stay some distance away from the main campus (yeah the medical campus is separate from the main one - yea sad i know haha)

besides my timetable is pretty unpredictable and im busy most of the time... so i guess jogging is good coz i can do it on my own time...

but yay to working out! we will be healthier in the end!! ^^

~*eley *~ said...

hahaha have u started jogging becuz of kee? so cute lah u both.. then u sud start gym-ing too cuz ur darling and his housemates SUPER pro gyming.. :D

Zzzyun said...

haha maybe tats one of the reasons. wouldnt do for him to become super fit and im a big puddly of fat rite? haha but for personal reasons as well (listed above)

ooo duwan gym lah. no money. aussie dollar damn exp haha