Monday, June 29, 2009

Labour Of Love: Part IV

And here comes another post abt my new found love of cooking! ^v^ I've included some macroshots as well, coz omg, food never looked this good with it!

Be warned to not read this post on an empty stomach! :P

Let's roll, shall we?

First up is stir fried bean sprouts.

carrots go well with anything, seriously.

told you macroshots make things look better!

Next up is a creamy pasta.

I used the three cheeses sauce from the bottle lah.. yum yum.

another proof that carrots go well with this as well!

I'm going to get hypercarotenemia eh? lol.

Thirdly, malaysian style curry chicken!!

am so in love with this

I'm gonna be able to satisfy all my curry cravings from now on :P

that's right, I just used the packets available - really simple

I will try the other flavours next time!

And next up is something that I decided to try coz I had a tofu craving... yeah I know, been having cravings for food that reminds me of home aikz.

And eating out here in Perth is so expensive that it's ridiculous! And sometimes the asian food is weird as well. Been angmoh-nized lol.

Tofu with mushrooms!

absolutely yummylicious! Recipe can be found
here for ppl who are interested.

yeah I adore shitake mushrooms!

And miss eating all the different dishes of tofu back home *salivates* haha

And last but not least!! One of my star dishes currently is...

Sweet and Sour chicken! Yup that's right!

I had a craving the other day and voila, whipped up this according to this recipe (I substituted pork with chicken tho)

And lemme tell you, it tastes exactly like back home! Now I know how they make it back home nyehehe..

Aren't the play of colours just pretty? :D

I'm sure there will be more new dishes to comes when I've more energy and am bored of eating the same old thing again. I'm adventurous like that, can't keep doing the same thing everyday :P

Till then, do enjoy trying out these dishes as well! Hope it gives you guys who are cooking often an idea on what to try next! :)


MichelleG said...

wow looks nice the tofu, so sad i cant cook, stupid rangehood still being repaired, the service here damn lousy. =.=

Kryptos said...

looks like u're having lots of fun! now u make me hungry... aww...

share your recipes so that we can try them out too!

Zzzyun said...

Michelle> wah quite long ade leh.. i tot more than 1 month ade right? why dont call up to ask them leh?

and yeah the tofu is quite nice, u can try it next time!

Kryptos> haha cooking has become a hobby of sorts for me..well not like there's alot to do here besides studying, going hosp and procastinating lol.

ooo didnt i link the last 2 dishes? u shld be able to check out the recipes! :) have fun!

~*eley *~ said...


Zzzyun said...

lol. so am i!!

Kryptos said...

aah, ya. i didn't notice them. heheh, i tried out a few recipes from rasa malaysia before too!

Zzzyun said...

haha i see.. its a really good site... food tat come out tasting authentic!!