Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Lifetime Of Memories

I've been wanting to write this post for a long long time. But somehow, I find it hard to put into words the feelings I want to convey.

And the importune time when those feelings usually arrive make it harder to revisit them when I'm ready to string them into sentences.

Anyway, suffice to know, the memories, the feelings in this post has been sliding in and out of my mind; sometimes eerily taking shape, sometimes in formless substance.

They come at times when the mind is idle. The phrase "the idle mind is the devil's workshop" is no hearsay.

They come when I'm taking the public transport, with nothing to distract my mind with except observing the behaviour of my fellow passengers - which I must report, I have no real interest in - hence how my mind wanders back to the past.

They come at those moments just before the mind shuts down for sleep. Everything is quiet and still. You can hear your own breathing, feel your heart pumping inside your chest. And so your mind strays to the memories of the days long gone.

Till now, I can't believe, it has hardly been a year since we said our goodbyes to each other in that dear ol' place called IMU.

It seems like a lifetime ago.

It wasn't exactly a spectacular place, with the unfortunate connotation as used to being a site of a failed supermarket. Oh but the life we breathed into that place!

Memories come aflashing by.

Do you remember how we pulled off that famous hokkien rendition and almost brought the house down? And a particular lecturer was in raptures. :P

Do you remember all the trips we have together been to? Penang, Langkawi and Redang. The latter was the best of all. The snorkelling, the volleyball and most of all, the people. :)

Do you remember the weekends when we hung out together? Whether it was some high class resturant, or some dingy kopitiam, the best part of it was that we could laugh and enjoy our food together. It was especially the highlight of my day then when the rest of the time all we could do was mug.

Do you remember the library? Cold and chilly as it was, it was one of the places that warmed my heart dearly when we were all forcing ourselves to sit down and study all day. Coz we could always just turn around, and kacau the friend sitting next to us reading his/her notes intently.

Do you remember the numerous surprise birthdays celebrations we pulled off for each other? It was always a cause for celebration. There was the time we had the one by the poolside in vista B. And by the end, almost everyone already had a turn in the pool :P

Do you remember how we were frantically trying to catch up with the superspeed mind and mouth of certain lecturers? Trying to write down as much as we can, then when there is some time, to steal it and ask the one beside you: "Hey did you get what he say about this part ah?"

Do you remember how we managed to pull of cooking that massive amount of spaghetti for some event that I can't even remember the name now? We swore we wouldn't be able to look at spaghetti for weeks! haha.

Do you remember the countless times we sat down at the mamak and the other person could tell what the other wanted to order from the boss. "Maggi goreng tambah telur, dua, abang!" And let's not even go into the content we talked about while we were in the mamak. Suffice to know, it covered everything from medical to downright personal. :P

Do you remember the songs we sang together at one of our favourite places, Greenbox, where there is food and freeflow drinks? We could even tell who was the one tat had chosen the song that was coming up next on the screen.

Do you remember the dinners we suffered thru together? Anticipating good food today from the caterers and complaining together when it was lousy? While some people crowded together in front of the tv to catch the chinese drama that was ongoing, some hung out and started arguing about certain aspects of diseases/drugs or whatnots.

I could go on and on.. while scenes from the past slowly flashed past...

but I really can't believe all this happened just a few years ago.

Cause to me now, it seems like a lifetime away. Out of reach and almost impossible to touch. Like mist. Something that you can see but you can never touch.

It will never be the same again.

All we have will be just memories to last us a lifetime.


Titus Tang said...

I'm oddly the opposite of you or most people.

Everyone thinks of past memories.

I think about how nice the future would be. lol

Zzzyun said...

haha im sure most ppl think how nice the future will be too (if there's anything nice in the horizon lah)

but hey, maybe u havent experienced the things tat will make you think back and smile fondly yet? :)

eeveehow said...

Zi Yun, i totally understand what you feel, those good old days....

*i sounded as if we are very old people who talk about the past...haha*

Zzzyun said...

hahaha yeah..

i guess it's because we have been thru a lot of good and sad memories in imu, and compared to what we have now, its sucha start contrast...

that we long to have something similar of what we used to have..

vi said...

Oh dear, you speak my heart out!

You are not alone :) Because that's what I would be thinking about when I was walking, bathing, eating and etc..............

So much memories.. sigh.. However, ironically, I think we would not realised if we never part :)

Zzzyun said...

yeah i think my mind just flies to those memories whenever its not occupied with smtg more imp (which is quite often most of the time :P)

i did cherish more the last few months of imu life...and kept wanting to hold on to it, hoping it will never end..

but as always with good things, they come to an end...

well at least now i know there are ppl out there who feel the same as me :)

fun fun ^_^ said...

I can still remember vividly what Wen said when we were preparing for our EOS 5... She said it's our last 2 months together in IMU, but instead of spending time together with friends hanging out, we're doing nothing but staying at home studying and muggin books!!

How true...

Zzzyun said...

yeah i remember that too! tis a pity that we spent most of our times with books tat time. but u guys spent less time with us, the rest of us at least went out to eat most of the times.. (when no cater la)

haih... we left that place as poorer ppl (financially), but rich in memories. :)