Thursday, February 25, 2010

At Least

See! I'm going back to more regular blogging. Am (slightly, just slightly) more free these 2 weeks so gotta catch up with my stack of notes.

I found out that turning off the computer not only decreases the temperature in my room (it's a heat churning machine omg!), it only increases my academic productivity. Cause I have nothing else to dilly dally on. And I can still idle some in-between time when I'm immensely bored of looking at the lines of words in front of me by facebooking on my iPhone.

I realised I had not mention that I've gotten an iPhone ever on this blog. I wonder why that thought had eluded me. But anyway, it's pretty old news already, I had it since july/august last year. See, I can't even remember the exact time I had it.

Ever since I had it, I can't believe how I used to survive on a phone without internet access. lol. How nice is it to be able to check your email, facebook and surf whenever you need without a computer. It's useful in a country where you need to use internet to transfer money into your transaction bank account. It's even useful when you need to find out something via the net. For eg, a restaurant's phone number. Just a few gestures, and voila - the info is right in front of you!

What a pity that I don't want to waste money on buying those fun apps though, so gotta survive on free apps for now. Who have good free apps to recommend??

Did I mention that today's temperature is a freaking 42 degrees celcius. I felt like a cake baking in the oven. okay bad analogy. But you get my point ya?

Yesh I'm sucha whiner, isn't it? I just gotta rough these few days out. Hopefully next week the weather will be better.

Okay, that's enough verbal diarrhoea. At least I'm updating, right? *hands over mouth* full stop.