Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rising Temperatures

Temperatures are rising yet again these few days. Don't play play - over 40C okay! omg. I felt like I was on fire when walking outside today. No kidding! I really hope this is the prelude to proper autumn. *hates heat* I hope my skin condition will stay under control.

Well, O&G is the same ol' busy story. You must be sick of me reiterating this already, aren't you? haha.

But seriously, free days are so free and far in between. And they ruined two of my free days by pushing one hour lectures slots into a whole free day. :( Oh well, with the raging weather, might be a good idea to spend the rest of the day enjoying the aircon in the hospital's library. pfooh.

Hmm, have not been having the best of luck when it comes to my shifts. Most of the time it's pretty quiet. The staff must be happy. But my friend and I are not. T___T What is this effect we have on patients numbers. argh. Need more practice. I haven't gotten to do a delivery leh!! Only two more 12 hours shifts left! Mati mati also wanna do one leh.

Okay lah, enough procastinating. Time to buck up and read up for cbl tomorrow! And gosh, look at my pile of unread notes stacked so high. o.O


eeveehow said...

I'm doing OnG as well, totally understand your feeling when there is nothing much going on in the ward and yet you are so excited and anticipate for any delivery during your shift. Well, wish you best of luck and hope you can see more cute babies!

Zzzyun said...

haha yeah... definitely! the worst thing is when you are assigned a lady to stay beside but you know it's highly unlikely that she will go into labour anytime soon during ur shift. so sien man.

i wish u all the best of luck as well!! jiayou oh! haha