Friday, February 05, 2010

Busy As A Bee

Boo-yah! Sorry for the sudden long absence! I have been really super duper crazy x 1000 BUSY! Was pressed for time to cook, sleep, pseudo-study and function like a normal human being.

Hence not being able to update. Which is a shame coz I have had many new experiences in this short period of time. And you know how my memory goes...

Guess what? I still have morning ED shift the next 2 days, which is a weekend. And I get no break till the next weekend (which is CNY! thank god!) I really can't wait for that.

Have been getting quite a bit of clinical exposure, which is excellent. The organization of this o&g rotation has been fabulous so far. Staff generally are very nice and willing to teach (except a select few which I shall not name) so that's a plus. Makes us feel that we are wanted and not in the way as we medical students sometimes tend to feel.

Oh and I'm very behind on my notes coz my skin condition gotten quite bad last week - became really very itchy and I was scratching myself all over. Finally gotten the steroid cream a few days ago and seems to be becoming better. phiew.

I can't study when I don't feel good. So it's a good thing the weather is better recently, turning slightly cooler. yay.

Okay, I really shld get off now. And try to study a bit. Lots of new things in o&g. And some that I had learnt and forgotten about. blek.

PS: Gathering tomorrow! Looking forward to it coz I really need to chill!
PPS: And I got to see quite a few cute babies! haha. they seemed so fragile that I don't really know how to hold them. :P

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