Thursday, September 30, 2010


Am feeling surprisingly light-hearted as of now despite:
  1. My long case assessment being tomorrow. Will just handle as it comes I guess. Hope I get a simple one please!
  2. Having to go in for ward rounds today as we thought the consultant will be doing one later. Guess what, consultant is on leave. And nobody knew? boohoo.
  3. Having a very soggy sandwich for lunch due to poor foresight that microwaving my hash brown on top of it will make the sandwich go "splat"!
But there were some good things today too:
  1. Met a nice doctor in the common room who started talking to me.Was able to identify my country of origin from my accent lol. He is from Malaysia as well and even knew some of my seniors. Was nice to be able to make a connection without trying too hard, for once. Too bad I was rushing for time!
  2. Attended grand rounds today (albeit a little grudgingly) but turned out to be surprisingly useful for once! Now I can put into use my knowledge of interpretation of liver function tests. cool.
So this goes to show - sometimes what you feel is just a matter of perception. :)


By the way, I realised the perception of "a nice day" is different for Asians and Aussies, as a general rule. I love that today is a relatively cloudy day, with a nice breeze. They think that "a nice day" is a day full of bright sunshine that burns thy skin. Go figure.

I used to don't mind being in the sunshine back home cause for one, it didn't burn my skin. But here, with the high high UV rays, I need to slather on sunscreen and avoid being in the sun too much, or else it will be hello - heat-induced dermatitis! :( Oh and don't forget skin cancers too!

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