Sunday, September 26, 2010


It has been one week since you left. And it has also been an emotionally and physically draining week.

The theme for this week's mishaps would be: Misunderstandings and Apologies.

I'm so tired of being rash and saying the wrong things to the wrong people and getting myself into trouble. If you don't know, saying you are sorry is not easy... certainly a test of your communication skills! But I must say, 知错能改 (being able to admit I'm wrong and turn over a new leaf) is one of my strengths.

Add all these misunderstandings and trying to make things right to a sick body. You get a person who is emotionally and physically drained.

Let this be a lesson to myself. It's okay to prattle along about yourself, but watch what you say. Now, I don't find it surprising why some people much rather keep their opinions to themselves and be a 好好先生 instead.

And it's so exhausting to keep everyone happy. Walking oh-so-carefully, trying to not tread on anyone's tails. I really hate this.

Whatever happened to really being yourself? I find myself being more and more disillusioned. 

Perhaps you would like to say - welcome to the real world, where things don't go your way - not until you are at the top, anyway.

I thought at the very least I could be myself, truly myself with you... but nowadays I find that I have to be cautious as well.

You know, all everyone wanted is unconditional acceptance. But perhaps there is no such thing in this world afterall.

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