Monday, September 06, 2010


Today is my second week of general medicine. As my previous post eluded to, have been feeling a tad useless (yes even as a medical student lately!).

I realised something, I'm not a very observant person - if left to my own devices, my mind tends to drift off to somewhere. Which is not good if that somewhere is during ward rounds. woops.

Funnily, I need to be kept on my toes. I don't mind being asked questions or asked to examine the patient even though I might not know the answers (well as long as the dr is not too harsh lah okay). That's how I pay attention learn. But so far my team hasn't been really that great in terms of teaching, but fair enough, they are really busy.

Guess I will have to learn on my own. Take history, examine patients myself. Improving on communication skills as well. The accent (or lack thereof) doesn't help though. :/ And I talk too fast. Bad for elderly patients, which make up the majority here. And sometimes I'm not thorough enough coz I don't want to make them huff and puff for me. However, sometimes one needs to be unkind to be kind. yeah.

But you know what. I'm learning. Always a steep learning curve. And it seems to get steeper as it goes. *grits teeth*

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