Monday, November 15, 2010

Next Up

The coming of tomorrow heralds the coming of the second paper. (woohoo I just made a simple sentence sound cool, okay sorry all the study is going to my brain -__-")

Not so confident about tomorrow's paper though, coz the area that can be asked is just so broad... And my preparation for it is less than for the previous paper. Sigh. Oh, and I'm not a big fan of opthalmology or oncology, it just makes things harder to go into the brain. Must be natural resistance. 

Okay, I dunno what I am crapping about.

Let's just hope they ask common stuff (that I know the answers too - that would be even awesome! haha)

Right, this mad lady better stop typing now. Wish her luck though! (now why am I typing in the 3rd person??)

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