Thursday, November 11, 2010


Tomorrow, it all begins. The exams that we have been preparing for what seems like forever. (obviously over-exaggerating lah haha)

First paper is tomorrow, which is O&G + Paeds written paper. These two subjects take a bloody long time to study, you know!

Second paper is next tuesday, which includes General Practice, Opthalmology, General Medicine and Oncology. Oh no, haven't studied much for this!! AHH!!

Last and scariest is OSCE next friday. 16 stations, 7 minutes each, running one after the other. Definitely going to need the adrenaline to kick in for this one!!

Wish me good luck and that I have the confidence and calmness of mind to deal with all this!

Previously, it had all have been battles but this is WAR!

PS: Wah, banyak-nya exclamation marks in this post! :P


Titus Tang said...


I think I just broke a button...

Zzzyun said...

hahaha that comment is just so you!!!!!!!!! :P

mg said...

Good Luck!!

Zzzyun said...

thanks Michelle! :)