Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Me

...i have just learned how sharply and painfully difficult it is to come home to a dark, dusty and empty apartment alone at night, and knowing that the same thing is going to happen tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. it doesn’t matter how loud or filled with people the preceding hours of the day were, or even if i’m brimming with happiness as i step through the door — it is an acute and exhausting acknowledgment when i brush my teeth and get ready for bed that tonight it’s going to be just me... 

Was just reading and this part of her post sums up exactly how I feel about long-distance relationships. She has managed to put her emotions into beautiful strings of words that stir up sentiments within.

I know it's gonna be hard, it is hard.

But great things are worth fighting for and we will continue holding on to the faith that one day we will be together again. And when that day comes, we will appreciate it even more, because it has not come easy for us.


fireheart said...

Your post just made me want to cry! Even more! I feel for you, for I am in the same boat as you!!!!!! Gosh how do you cope? I feel like dying sometimes :( :(

Zzzyun said...

the words of are very beautifully put together. :)

well at least your ldr is less likely to be drawn out. i have been in a ldr longer than in a proper rship with my bf. but it gets better with time. it's worse in the first year i reckon. :)

but it's still bad at times. lets keep holding on for things worth holding on for, k? ;)