Friday, August 12, 2011


Thank the Powers To Be, I had received a job offer from Charlies in WA today! ^v^ I am so so happy and so relieved!!! Perth is where I want to be. :D

I can finally sleep in peace knowing I have a job next year! Now, I am just hoping for my good friends to get a spot in Perth too!!

Life is good! ;)


Titus Tang said...

wowwowwowwowwow ! =) Congrats!

I bet I was right :P

Zzzyun said...

haha unfortunately you were!

i received a tip to check my email when i wasn't even aware that results were there you go.

but thanks! im still very happy anyway! :DDD

Tan Yee Ping said...

Hey zzzyun! Hope I'm still in time for congratulations!!! =)

Really happy for you!!! =)

I can understand the kind of relief you were experiencing! =) *next year I will be going through the same application process, finger-crossed!*

Entering another stage of life =) I'm sure you will be much prepared when you have to =P

Zzzyun said...

haha thank you thank you~!

I'm sure nobody can ever feel ready to be a doctor.. but as most ppl can get through it, I will def do my best too!

All the best for ur application next year!