Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Stress Mounting

Omg I have abandoned my bloggy for so long that I can't help but apologize, but really - I have been horribly busy the past few days. And I see many more such days ahead. *sigh* =(

Expect more nonsensical rambly posts by me up ahead lol.

Anyway, here's a fast update (have CSU later aikz):

Sunday: It was my first time that I went to MEET THE PARENTS *major gasp* and boy was I nervous! And they were rather quiet too.. which put everyone in a relatively silent and awkward dinner. haha.. Anyway, the dinner was very luxurious! My first time eating abalone and real shark fin soup! woots! (sry lah, before this no money and not really into eating seafood ma..) but if you ask me, the much exclaimed abt delicacies weren't worth the money spent huhu~

Sigh I'm so lazy to blog these days. I have tonnes of things to say abt the dinner but my brain and hands doesn't seem to be working in synchrony. blah.

Whatever, will add later if I see fit. >.<

Monday: Start of new sem! Can't believe I'm a 3rd year medical student now~ woo. And tell you what, MSK (musculoskeletal system) is horribly difficult! I'm only 2 days into lectures/pbl and I already feel burdeoned by the stack of work beckoning to me. AHHH! Oh ya, we finally went to the long-ago-planned steamboat dinner in Yuen in sunway. The varieties are definitely more! lurve the food and icecream!! hehe..

Tuesday: Rushing for super crazy early pbl and convo mag meeting and trying to get my ECA form in order. Don't forget the lectures too. Was half dead by the time I got home. I am really not an early morning person lahh..

Wednesday: Which is today. Hvta go for early briefing on the matching process. And I'm still not sure abt my choices for the pms matching! aihs.. And later there will be csu and then 2 lectures.

It's only been 3 days and I want back my break.

I hate this life. *stressed*


michelleg said...

wait till u reach clinicals.. workload even more. hehe..

Zzzyun said...

omg really? im already going to die here... ='(