Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Emotions And The Physical

Classes started at 8am today. Followed by helping out for our food fair which spanned a length of 4 hours.

I am dead exhausted.

But I can't go home yet coz I need to use the internet here to do my AIR topic which is due this friday. Aihs I really hate it when I hvta depend on the uni's internet for my usual online quota. Which I hate to say, have greatly decreased in the past 3 weeks. I declare that I've officially been weaned off my addiction to the internet.

Nowadays, I can go without surfing the net for a few days (it would have been a total miracle a few months back), depending on how busy I am on those days. My bloglines feeds are piling sky high and I don't have the time to read them properly. *sigh*

Anyway, the food fair went okay I guess. Our stall was selling something like kebab, but consisting of sotong ball, cucumber, sausages and crabstick. Sales were so-so only coz the price was slightly expensive at first and normally ppl would want smtg more filling or special.

Oh well, we did our best. Cucuking the stuff was fun! I made so many sticks hehe. yeah there were quite a few leftovers, so I'm gonna go home now and reheat them then bring it for my friends to eat during dinner. well the guys do often complain of how hungry they are anyway lol.

Okay time to go! I really wish I have more time to update my blog with more meaningful posts. I guess I gotta wait till after my big exam this early july.

Alrighty, time to ciao! =)

As they always say, when you do something good for others, one shouldn't expect something in return. And I didn't. But guess what I got? Distrust and false accusations. blah. I am sick of it.


eeveehow said...

Your 'kebab' is nice, can't believe that our batch has so many people good in cooking, haha!

Zzzyun said...

haha i didnt cook the kebab, puifun, suewen and liyann did.. i merely helped to jaga stall and cucuk kebab hehe...

well our batch is definitely an all rounded batch! =)