Tuesday, March 25, 2008


*looks at previous few posts*

Wow, looks like I'm gonna be blogging at a rate of one post per week for the next few months. That's a real lousy rate by my usual standards.

I miss watching my usual dose of anime (Bleach! Naruto Shippudden! D-Gray Man etc)! I miss reading my daily dose of blogposts! but if I were to think carefully, in the long run, my no-ready-internet-at-hand-state can be a real life saver as this frees up alot of time for me to study procastinate.

Oh well, I can probably slowly and painstakingly catch up with my feeds at bloglines when I am back home. (I think it probably might have run into the thousands then! yikes!) The same goes for the anime. It's not gonna go anywhere anyway.

*eyes wide open at what I am typing - is this the same zzzyun a few weeks ago?*

Oh ya, today is the 2nd day of msk where I don't have something in the morning. Can you believe it? So for once, I am able to relax back home before heading here. So I guess my mood is relatively better now. hehe.

And I think I have been hit by writer's block. There's nothing glamorous or interesting in the life of a 3rd year medical student. So what gives?

I shall take my leave now. Till then, may the power be with boring medical students. huhu~

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