Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hating That "To Do" List

As the song "Untitled" by Simple Plan plays on in the background, I sit here staring at the computer screen, thinking how apt the black hopeless atmosphere of the song clearly suits my mood now.

Sometimes when I think back, the past was much easier. Don't you think so? We had less worries and fears when we were younger. Nowadays, all I can think about is my studies and my other responsibilities. Every day is a "to do" list. And that sucks.

In the cover of the black night, I feel vulnerable. And emotionally weak. I used to think that I was a strong person mentally, but I guess it just shows that it all just depends on how much one can take before one breaks.

It might not be much to some people but all this stress is killing me up inside. I feel like I wanna curl up into a ball and sleep the night away. But I can't. I got pbl to prepare for. I got notes to read up on. People to cheer up and comfort. Lectures which I don't understand due to the high-speed rattling of the lecturer to catch up on. Responsibilites to fulfill.

But my brain and body just ain't cooperating.

Nowadays, we seemed to be dealing with stress in a weird way. After being awake for too long, I tend to go into a cloud of spouting nonsense. My friends can attest to that, the way I have been acting during the dinners these few days. Don't worry, I haven't been acting too crazy to warrant arrest as of yet, but heck, I'm dealing it by laughing maniacally. Laughter is still the best medicine eh?

Well, at least this rant seemed to make more sense than the few previous ones. I guess my fluidity in writing comes when I’m inspired emotionally. Weird.

Now, would you please excuse me? I need to go exercise those lacrimal glands of mine.

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