Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not Quite

The scenery outside was going forwards.

The trees slided forward gracefully, of all different shapes and sizes. The sky was a pretty blue for once. The sun was out shining. And sprinkled in between were quaint houses lined with weird sounding streets.

The kids in front were jumping up and down from the seats, occasionally being reprimanded by their mums for being too noisy.

I was listening to serene melodies on my phone. That stir up emotions inside.

I was moving backwards. Seated on the seat with my back facing the direction of the train was heading. I felt like I was moving back in time.

I closed my eyes to rest. It was warm inside the train.

It should be a perfect scene in life. Almost like a picture-perfect moment.

But not quite. There is something missing. What is this feeling inside me that I can't explain?


Peiying said...

maybe you miss home and being with ur loved ones?

Anonymous said...

someone to share it with.

Zzzyun said...

Peiying> yeah...shld be partially due to that..

anon> hmm quite possibly..btw who are u? haha