Tuesday, December 01, 2009

At Leisure

I have always had the leisure of thought during the holidays to admire the fact that humans are ironic creatures.

Nowadays, one finds it hard to fill the time with meaningful pursuits. All I do these days is sleep, eat, read storybooks, watch Beyond The Realm Of Conscience, 宫心计 while praying the internet holds up (which it normally doesn't) and surf the world wide web.

Doesn't sound very interesting or adventurous, does it? I will probably be a pig at the end of these holidays! Gone are the hard work over the weekly jogging sessions the past few months =/

Too bad indeed. I would like to have done some travelling too. The world is so wide and so many things to see and explore! But all things need $$$. Can't wait to earn some of my own!!

Before I digress even further, the ironicity I was refering to is the fact that one always wants one doesn't have at the moment. The grass is always greener on the other side, ain't it?

When one is busy with work, one can't wait for holidays. When one has long holidays to indulge in, the idle mind wanders so and could well do with some mental work.

Haha yeah I know I could do some studying.. but alas, the flesh is willing but the mind is weak. :P I need some mental stimulation to start me off.

I remember when I was doing gen med, sometimes the busy-ness of the routine and the sleep/energy depreviation makes one unwilling to wake up and go to the hospital. However, I will still force myself to go.

But once I step into the hospital and see the patients and talk to them, it is as though by magic - all the unwillingness melts away. I feel alive and interested! Gosh. So many things to know and learn! Of coz, a good doctor who is willing to teach makes things even better. :)

Anyway, it's now been about a month since I was back. And I have hardly achieved much in this time. Oh, I guess learning how to do some graphics design and reading books is something in itself.

I wonder what the future holds.

PS: My mind is jumping from one thing to another in this post, isn't it? lol. Btw do check out the cute footer I added a few days ago at the lowest part of my blog. :)

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