Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Of Distraction And Vampires

It still amazes me that however good I thought I had hide what I wanted to say by distracting you with some other whimsical thing, you still managed to know by the tone of my voice. And I thought my conversation skills are good. So much for that. lol.

Maybe it's because you know me so well. I wonder if there will come a day that you will know me better than I know myself?

In the idleness of recent times, my mind wanders to the future, wondering how it will be like for us.

Will it follow the examples of others who had blazed the path before us? A set of unfortunate circumstances leading to an undesirable ending.

Or will it be a story worth remembering and retold countless times? Filled with memories of the good and bad times, together.


I was curious about the big hoo-haa about vampires since the release of the movie Twilight and the recent one, New Moon.

I mean, girls were going gaga over the guy. There must be a reason, right? I heard on the radio one day in aussie, they were saying a certain number of girlfriends have dumped their boyfriends after watching/reading said movie/book. A bit the drama queen, no?

The reason they gave was that they find their bfs to be nothing like the vampires, none of their strength or manliness or [insert some positive unhuman attribute]. *raised eyebrow*

However, I ceased to pass judgement before watching the movie. After having watched the first, I'm happy to say I've not jumped on the bandwagon of vampire love - thank goodness. But I guess I can see the attractiveness of escapism it offers to some girls out there.

But why would a girl want to be a vampire? Beats me. She was practically begging him to turn her into one. I find that kinda creepy.

And seriously, you want a boyfriend that is a vampire that wants to suck your blood all the time, who will never grow old (you will be a wrinkly old hag while he will still be a young man!) and glitters in the sun?? wtf is that. lol.

Haha I think I better stop here now. Or else I'm definitely going to get flamed by vampire lovers. woops. :P


Titus said...


I watched New Moon. My younger sister loves it. I almost died.

I like the way you put it: But I guess I can see the attractiveness of escapism it offers to some girls out there.

Zzzyun said...

hahaha... i guess i'll just download that to watch only when im bored! lol.

i read smtg funny abt that in lamebook.

"does anybody wonder what happens to edward when bella's period's comes?" ROTFL!!

samantha said...

I concur, vehemently.

Everyone over here goes gaga over the whole Twilight franchise and Robert Pattinson (who plays Edward AND is British born and bred). My sister is also addicted to the books.

Why, oh why?

Zzzyun said...

haha only God knows. maybe the books are good.

but i think harry potter series rocks better than this :P maybe im bias.

k0k s3n w4i said...

the books are awful. i read one.

it's told from bella's perspective and she simply couldn't stop telling us how perfect, how godlike edward is. utter tripe.

Zzzyun said...

hahaha i definitely believe you. isn't hard to guess ;)

what taste the tweens have in books nowadays. in my day (sounds so old!), at least harry potter was halfway decent. hmpf.