Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Week

My first week back here has almost gone past. Pretty busy! So far, I'm feeling pretty okay, I seemed to have slipped back into life here easily as well. It is starting to feel familiar.

What that I haven't gotten used to is trying to study though. Procastinating tons. aihs. And my current skin condition doesn't make things easy.

yeah, you're right, I think I have heat urticaria. :( It was the same last year summer and it's back now with a vengeance! Erythematous (that's red for you non-meddies out there), pruritic (itchy) urticaria (wheals) over the sun exposed areas on my body. Which are arms, neck and face. They feel like parchment sometimes. argh.


fireheart said...

omg!!! i have urticaria tooo!!!! it's been really bad sometimes and I've had it for like, 4-5 months now. Mine is heat + stress (physically) + dirt related... so many causes, I dont even bother singling them out. I've been on fexo fenadine (think that's how to spell it) and used cortisone cream and even took chinese meds but can't get rid of them. It comes n goes pretty quickly but super annoying. One thing that helps with the itch and reduce swelling is.... minyak cap kapak!!!! lol.

Zzzyun said...

you also? charm. the heat here was killing. but it's getting a bit cooler now, thk goodness.

i tried using hydrocortisone cream coz it was really itchy, helped a little.