Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Distant Moon (For Dummies)

Alright, time to show off what my group did for our literature presentation. yay!

Each group was randomly given a text that we'd discussed in class and were supposed to interpret then present it in any creative form. (song, video, mime, play etc) Really, anything goes.

And my group got one of the hardest poems I've ever seen in my life. The first time I read it, I couldn't make head or tail of it!

If you don't believe or want to gain some background knowledge first, pls do read the poem here. Recommended to read first so that it would be easier to understand the video!

Since the poem was so difficult, in the end, we decided to do a video to make life easier for ppl, hence the video's title. yes I finally got to put my photoshop skills to use :P And we presented our video in the form of a talk show so that it wouldn't be that boring.

Okay enough rambling - enjoy the video!

Group 6 proudly presents The Distant Moon (for dummies)

[group 6: Ee Pian as doctor, Han Chung as patient, Valene, Hui Ying and moi!]

(some parts were edited out to make it fit on youtube so it's not so smooth as the original one *sigh*)

btw I'm the one offering the cookie!

This was my first time partaking in making a video, and I must say, editing is very important and definitely a tedious job! I must say, it gets gross rewatching your own video umpteen times.

Anyway, for those who didn't realise, we wanted to show that there is an inner voice in everyone, and that doctors and patients are not excluded.

What you see on the outside might not be the total truth. Humans are made up of many layers, as you peel off each one, sometimes you will discover something totally different beneath.

So do not judge others when you do not understand the entire picture.

Okay, hope that you guys enjoyed the video! Any comments puh-lease? teehee >.<

Me and Nick had written a poem each from the doctor's and patient's perspective respectively. The poems can be viewed at my
other poetic blog. Check it out!

PPS: And won't any of you guys comment on my grp's video?? =/ pwetty please? *eyes big big*


k33LaLa said...

indeed a good video dear. U all had put so much effort! ^^

Zzzyun said...

ooo thanks dear.. hehe =) really enjoyed involved in making my first video!

only u comment aikz.. so sad