Sunday, January 20, 2008

Of Anime And Rotations

Oh I know I know *waves hand* I have been neglecting my poor blog for the past week! Out of a laziness to blog and I just had better things to do. bleh.

Most of my free time this week was spent on finishing my addiction to this anime called NANA. yeah I'm kinda out-dated right, it was so popular eons ago... And they have even made it into a movie!

looking cool

Anyway, the anime is really very superlicious nice! It definitely pulled on my heart strings! (yalah lacrimal glands working overtime ade T_T)

So for those who haven't watched it yet, pls pls do give it a try! Can be found at the anime index at crunchyroll.

It's about a story of 2 very different girls called Nana meeting coincidentally, becoming friends and their trials and tribulations while they struggle with love, ambitions and friendship. omg so touching ya know!! I finished season 1 consisting of 47 episodes in less than a week leh! Madness for me lol.

introducing the characters

Hmm when is the anime for season 2 coming out? Anyone knows?? I know they say that they wanna wait till the manga gets well ahead only they'll animate it - to avoid fillers. (yes I've been doing some homework) But it was quite a long time ago so when is it coming out? *wails*

Okay, you must try ah, after I specifically recommend! >.<


Since I've been lazy with my blog this week, I shall just give a brief update on how uneventful the 1st week of rotations was.

Monday: Community medicine. Can't help but admit that the lectures were pretty boring. After the so much more interesting literature selctive, com med which discusses similar issues to a certain extent seemed drone and dull. Can be summarized by snore snore snore.

Tuesday: Presentation for com med. It was really a hard task for me to help beautify and add more content to our powerpoint presentation. Cause my group's topic was about code of professional conduct and the laws associated with it!! So boring, right?

I never could understand the language of laws.. isnt it kinda like beating around the bush? Guess that is to prevent loopholes, but still... *raises eyebrows* Anway, luckily I did managed to make it more interesting by adding pictures/comics and arranging it in a simple manner so... yeap! *phiew*

Wednesday: Lab sessions plus clinical case studies = ultimate stress! Couldn't remember much with this leaky brain of mine. Gotta plug up the holes soon!! lol. Seemed to have totally forgotten my endo, repro and renal leh.. as usual. -_-

Thursday: CSU. Breast examination plus endo short history taking. Breast examination (on models of coz!) was quite interesting. Learnt a lot. But the plastic models were kinda hard to palpate tho. Ppl tend to apply too much pressure to keep the fingers from slipping off haha. Endo short history taking was okay, altho some cases hard to reach the diagnosis. But not too bad for this leaky brain.

Friday: Behavourial Sciences. We got to learn on how to break bad news to a patient. Which I must say, is one of the hardest things a doctor has gotta do. Everyone got a turn in our group and I must say, it wasn't that easy.

Normal 5 stages of reactions to bad news: Denial, Anger, Sadness, Negotiation, Acceptance.

I got this old lady as my SP and boy, she was good! I could almost believe that she was a real patient! I had to tell her that due to infection of her 2 toes (she had uncontrolled diabetes), there was nothing left to do but amputate them. Naturally, they added in a lot of social scenarios to make it harder for the patient to accept - like lack of financial support, has school going children etc.

My SP was in a lot of denial at first, didn't really go thru anger stage but was pretty sad about it. Later, she negotiated on other ways to go about it. In the end, I managed to get her to half accept it and ask her to go back and think abt it then come back the next day with her husband.

talk about being descriptive!

Guess I did okay for a first timer. *sigh of relief* But then I believe we can only learn theoretically with SPs but we only really learn when it comes to breaking real bad news. Let's hope I can do a good job then!

Well, that's all folks. What an uneventful week, isn't it? Next week I'm going Gombak hospital for 3 days. Can see the natives apparently! *eyes big big*

So yeah probably will neglect my poor blog again. Unless something cool crops up that I feel I must blog about it lah hehe. Okay ciaoz for now! ^v^

medical students probably can relate to this lol


eeveehow, said...

Yah, i watched the Nana movie before, it is really nice and touching. I wonder how's the comic, guess it would be nicer than the movie, as usual.

Zzzyun said...

wah if u think the movie is good, the anime is even much better!

a lot of things explained in detail, making it even more touching! do check it out!

i cried so much while watching the anime.. haha..poor lacrimal glands.