Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Resolutions For The New Year

Resolutions. resolutions. resolutions!

I know most people say there's no use listing them down as they will never work out. But hey this year I'm gonna be idealistic and don't procastinate on this list (and this post is already delayed by one week btw) so in the end, even if they didn't work out totally, at least I know that I had tried. =)

So no more dilly-dallying. Here goes:

  1. Try to procastinate less. Things should be done when there's time, not at the last minute. [I think I'm becoming better at this]

  2. Study harder for sem5's system courses and of coz, eos5! Must do well and get that elusive A!! [somehow related to #1]

  3. Try to lose the weight that I put on when I entered med school - not telling you how much till I succeed! hehe. Must be due to the rich food and the sedentary lifestyle!

  4. Try to exercise more often. At least once a week. [doing great on this - went gym twice last week and swimming once! gambate! yes it's related to #3 too]

  5. Try to adopt healthier eating habits. More veggies, fruits and less carbs, meat. Less frequency of supper as I always go straightaway to sleep after supper. [slightly related to #3 but I do check what I eat normally]

  6. Try to be more forgiving and not mind petty things. Frustration over stupid small things never did any good, did it?

  7. Must try not to make harsh (but sometimes truthful woh) remarks that I'll regret later. Be kinder!

  8. Spend more time on the important things in life - my loved ones. (this lesson rings true after doing my literature selective)

  9. Last but not least, make this year a happy year. It might be ordinary, but it will be a year full of happiness. =)

this list might be updated as I see fit in the near future.

Okay, let's usher in the new year with some resolutions related humour. The pic below show what sort of resolutions a pet might make, lol.

the cat is so smart while the dog is quite primitive haha!

Alright, let's end this post by wishing everyone a happy new year! ^v^


michelleg said...

wats with the dieting? preparing for ball huh? hehe.. anyway, thanks for ur bday wish.. =)

Zzzyun said...

ooo not really lah (tho it'd be a side benefit i guess)

i always tot being too plump and sedentary wudnt be too good for my health. so just tot will start taking care of it starting from now lo...