Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Somewhere Between Boring & Interesting

Hi guys! I'm back again! It's been quite a long time eh... what to do, I don't really have much inspiration to blog using the library's computer.. which is what I'm doing now. so expect a boring post ahead, I hope not.

Anyway, my past few days has been pretty interesting.

Me and the bf went for our belated V-Day celebration which I shall blog abt in a later post. And the gifts are soooo cute! Anticipate that! keke..

And my cousin has just started the medicine course at my uni so yeah, I brought his family around for the past few days. They went back yesterday, after getting him thoroughly settled and everything. Lucky kid.

I brought them to nearby hawker stalls and helped them carry some furniture - with the help of the bf too - which hopefully they will bring some good comments back to the ears of my parents. :P I also guided and answered the numerous Qs of my cousin. Farny, ain't it? He reminds me of the feeling of having to get used to a new place and new ppl again. I'm sure that feeling will come again in no time soon. *sigh PMS sigh* I certainly remember the feeling of loneliness during my first sem here. I'm really gonna miss my frenz here...

Anyway, on sunday night, we went to another uncle's house for steamboat! Yummy~ Homecooked food is still the best! Hehe so cute, the bf went too and brought them a watermelon as he thinks that watermelon is the best fruit to be eaten after the heaty steamboat. (but got ppl bring watermelon to ppl's hse wan meh? as a first time visit gift :P)

Well, I guess that's abt how 'interesting' it could get these few days. It's still holidays ma for my batch.. But no fear, tomorrow is PuiFun's birthday and we're doing something! (nope, it's a surprise!)

So here's an early shoutout: Happy Birthday, Fun Fun!! hehe..

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