Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun In A Foreign Land

I shall stop with the grandmother stories (for eg pls refer to my last post :P) so just briefly, will ya?

Anyway, we decided to have a barbeque saturday afternoon - yes omg in the very hot summer weather, its nuts I tell you - as the aussies love their barbie so much :P [barbie is their slang for BBQ]

Although the walk to the nearest supermarket (wic is like 30 mins away) and back and then another 30 mins to King's Park where we are having our bbq was super tiring, it was fun. The park was beautiful. They have bbq pits available in the park and they run on electricity, not charcoal!

Ok must stop being long winded... *slaps self*

On sunday morning, we went to visit Scarborough Beach. It was beautiful, like those in postcards. The weather was burning hot, but once you step into the water, it was so cold.. weird. lol. Ren told us that a few weeks back there was a shark that appeared near to shore and attacked someone. And he told us this after we got out of the water! o.O Luckily, they have cars and helicopters patrolling the area for sharks. Cool eh?

That night we decided to have a 'reunion dinner' with some frenz. And guess what we ate? Pizza. lol. But it tasted pretty good though. We had red wine too, but I don't fancy much the taste. Then after circling around the town for some sort of event with random landmarks provided yet finding nothing in the end, we gave up.

In the end, we went to a fren's fren's fren's house to hang out. yeah I know, funny. It was abit like crashing ppl's party. -_- The guys gambled while we girls played mahjong. After that, they started playing drinking games. Lucky didn't kena many times so just got a bit tipsy. Eh their liquor damn strong wan leh. 40%!! Chivas and Red Label =/ haha so proud of myself that I didn't puke :P Anyway, dont think will be doing this again very soon. Aint my style. Plus *cough* must prevent alcoholic liver disease. haha..

On monday, it was Australia Day. Yes so ngam also first day of CNY. We went to watch fireworks at Swan River. Wow there were so many ppl. Imagine this, all spaces along the shore were crammed full of people. Anyway the fireworks were beautiful and lasted for around 40 mins I think.

And today! we had introduction to preparation for clinicals classes. It felt really weird joining another class. It felt like we were infiltrators trying to blend our way into the crowd. haha.. The phlebotomy lecture was not bad. We had the afternoon free and spent it frantically trying to find more possible choices of houses.

Yeah bad news. We didn't get our dream house. It was apparently taken. And they didnt even inform us even though we made sucha big effort to fill in that ridiculously long form. gah! Now feeling kinda worried abt accomodation.. They don't seem to trust students sadly. why?? Hope we can find a house and settle down soon. That gnawing worry is eating me up inside.. =(

Anyway, I guess that's all for now. The past few days have been really fun. But now classes are officially starting so I better be on my toes. Gotta read up a bit ade. So cya next time! Wish me luck with house-hunting! ^^

PS: Oh ya, almost forgot, wish all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year! although there isn't much cny spirit here..

PPS: All photos are/will be loaded up at facebook. Am too busy to put them here la haha.. so check out those okie.

PPPS: And can you believe it? I've been in Perth for more than one week! The fun days passed fast certainly, but there were days where the going got tougher, and those days seemed drawn out. I can't wait till things smooth themselves out..

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