Thursday, January 15, 2009

Three More

Okay there are about 3 days left before I take off from Bolehland to Down Under. So what do I do in these few days? What do others do?

Some people become obsessed with packing. (dunno pack what till need to pack so many days? pls enlighten me! did I forget something important in Packing Oveseas 101?)

Some people spend all their quality time with their loved ones.

Some people gorge themselves on Malaysian food.

Me? I did none of the above. Coz:

  1. I managed to pack all the important stuff in 1 day - geng mou? Now only adding bits and pieces that I might have forgotten. Can you believe I bought so much stationary till the total was around rm40?? And the prices are cheaper too coz I got my sis to buy from the Koperasi from her school. Nvm la, I heard stationary in aussie is even more expensive.

  2. I had the luxury of almost 6 months of holidays to spend with my loved ones. So considered already spent more than enough time? Now, I'm eager yet worried abt starting a new adventure! Starting over in a foreign land really reminds me of the time tat I first started out in kl. Of coz, that time at least the people and food were still malaysian with their lahs and ai mehs. Gonna miss that haha!

  3. Sadly, no such chance to gorge on outside unhealthy food coz mostly eating at home these days. But actually when I was in kl, the food I missed the most was those cooked by mum. Not those famous char kuoy teow or laksa or what. Hopefully I will be able to recreate at least some of those dishes in aussie! oh ya, I did eat some of my fav instant noodles like Cintan Original and Mi Sedap? does that count? lol.

Okay you guys must be wondering. So what did I do?

Let's see. I got my hair cut. (love how light it feels now, and the cute side fringe! hehe) I went to a temple to pray. I applied and got my credit card. (yes it's a supplementary one and only for emergencies and big stuff) I bought lots of stationary, I am a highlighter person haha. I went to visit my grandparents.

Hmm that seems to be all. Not a lot also hor?

Well, the whole family will be going down to KL on saturday since my flight on Sunday is a super early one - 8am! So that means I'll hvta be at the airport at least around 6.30am just in case. Besides, for international air asia flights, counters close 1 hour before.

And dear friends, those who said they will come send me off - if it's really inconvenient and at such odd hours too - I won't mind if you guys can't make it. [aikz say so much is dont want them to see you cry only paisehnya] It's the thought that counts. Thank you. :)

Oh ya, before I end, here's a shout out to friends that had already flown before me or will do so after me. I'm not sure whether they will read this but anyway:

Li Shan, Kee Ping, Eugene, Beh - Good luck and all the best in NZ/OZ! Have a safe journey and enjoy yourself there. Tis a new adventure that we shall embrace wholeheartedly! Remember to work hard and play hard at the same time! Till the next time we meet again, take care! ^v^


Kryptos said...

bring lots of maggie mee. u'll miss them!

and of course, all the best ;)

Titus Tang said...

Bring a goat.

I don't know why.

Li Y@nn said...

Must go n see u off so tat we can all cry together!!! *sob* Now all tat's left is to persuade/coerce Wen into fetching us all to d airport... :P

Highlighters? Oh yea, remembered tat u developed an obsession with it while u were in IMU...haha...

Ok, remember to double n triple check all ur stuff la!

Zzzyun said...

kryptos> haha i dont really like maggi mee unless its the goreng type. besides australia is very strict regarding bringing in foodstuffs, so i wont be bringing any, sigh. anyway thanks for the wish! :)

titus> well dead or alive, the goat is gonna stink up my whole luggage! o.O

liyann> yer duwan cry together la, so paiseh, got so many ppl there -.-" u wan to let Wen drive ah? safe onot ah, so early wo haha..

yes i started using many colours while highlighting my imu notes. but i think will use less when highlighting books la. keke..

and ok Yannie, i will check again tmr... i almost bring my whole closet ade la.. as much as i can put into my bag la :P

Ah Pei said...

hihi!! i just got my internet here in ADelaide.

Anyway all the best in Perth yea. Australia is a nice place to be. There will be the times when u missed ur family and loved ones and all that but u'll adapt to it.

We can apply for credit card here or debit..whichever and a few things here require me to do my internet, gym, etc.

and the odd hours..but u'll know all of this when u get here...oh...get loads of's freakin dried me out here...and the least here in ade...

anyway, have fun there k...don't worry..:>

k33LaLa said...

maggi mee is banned btw...i guess the important thing is to bring urself there. Physical, mind, and soul...Sounds old style but the way to survive is depending on ur ownself. That's wat life is all about!
Gonna miss u dear. =(

Zzzyun said...

yeepei> wow begitu cepat got internet ade? what service provider did u apply for? how abt cellphone line le?

haha ok thks for the advice, i brought lots of moisturizer d..

kee> ooo oldstyle advice but very useful! thanks so much dear.. i'll try my best adapt myself to life thr. and yes, will miss u lots too... T_T

Ah Pei said...


yeah got internet edy and it's pretty fast here. Mine is provided by amcom but it's a special promotion for my village (tsktsk) at 39$ for 10 gb.

as for phone...i'm currently on a $49 iphone cap plan from optus. basically I get $300 credit (yes, for the $49) but i'm bonded for 24 months. On top of that, i have to pay an extra $12 every month because of the phone (16gb model), but if u decided on other phones, it's free.

But i think u shud get a prepaid first whn u get there and it's not a big deal which provider (optus,3, telstra, vodafone) at $30 and u can switch to any other provider later for your plan because the number is gonna be the same. all mobile phone numbers here begins with 04.

Anyway, just email me at if u need anything. :>

have a safe journey!

Zzzyun said...

hey thanks so much for the info! i hope we will be able to get a nice house to settle in soon..