Monday, January 12, 2009


Time to resume regular blogging - did you miss me? Pls say you did haha! Anyway, I just got back to penang yesterday.

And now there's less than a week left before I fly off to a land called Perth. And around 4 days left for me to start speed-packing. I did pack some clothes before this but now I am at a loss, what is it actually am I supposed to pack?? With the limited luggage allowance, every kg is precious!

How come everybody seems to be sooo busy packing? We can't carry that much either! Those who had already packed/or packed before this - mind giving me suggestions on what are the other essentials we need besides the usual culprits of clothes and toiletries? *sigh confused*

Okay, here are some questions that I often get regarding my leaving to aussieland. Have been answering them countless times so I'm just gonna write it here so anyone who's interested can check it out lah ok.

  • When are you flying off? - 18th January 09 (this Sunday) from LCCT

  • Where are you going to continue your studies? - Uni of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth.

  • How long will you be there till you graduate? - I still have 3 more years to go. =(

  • Have you found accomodation? - Not yet, I will be staying temporarily in the hostel while looking for a good place to stay.

  • Who are you going with? - From my batch, only Debbi. There are another 3 from the next batch though.

  • Have you thought of what you wanna specialize in? - Frankly, it's too early for me to say. I think I'll only be able to decide when I have gone thru all the rotations so as to see which department is right for me. And yes, I need to graduate first!!

Okay, that's abt all I can think of for now. Sigh so long didn't blog ade, the words can't seem to come smoothly. Cracking my head to think of what to write.

Aihs nevermind. I better indulge in watching tvb shows and try my best to pack first. Toodles!

PS: Whoops, almost forgot the countdown. 5 more days left!

PPS: Oh ya, must say thanks to all the members of the extended family who gave me angpows as a token because I was going overseas! yay~ but the money goes to my parents of coz as my money comes from them also! huhu..


MichelleG said...

thts abt it basically since aust is strict on food stuff.. mayb books.. n more toiletries. lol.

debbi said...

Hey zyun, i checked from airasia's website that every extra kg will be charged only rm15. I mean if you lebih sikit you might want to just pay la since it's cheap (compared to mas at least haha). Kinda scared that the info is not right though, so i think i'll call them tomorrow or something just to clarify.

Zzzyun said...

michelleg> yaloh they sooo strict on foodstuffs that i decide not to risk it liao aikz.

oh im gonna ship most of my my books over.. easier la haha.

debbi> ooo the rate isnt tat bad eh.. i think i'll pay la if the luggage overweight sedikit.

thanks so much for checking tat out and lemme know when u know okie? thanks!!