Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Week In Surgery

Hi guys, I'm back after what I can only describe as an intense week. I was having mixed feelings when I started surgery.

But now after one week, I'm enjoying myself. The hours are long, the work tough but I'm learning. My consultants have organized quite a lot of teaching sessions for us and we are probably gonna work through the whole "Lecture Notes for General Surgery" book in the 8 weeks we are here. Which is gonna be amazing coz this will probably be the first time I read an entire textbook. lol.

We are expected to be around for quite an amount of hours. Ward rounds (can be twice a day), on calls, meetings etc.

Can you believe it, in the 2nd day of our posting, I already got to scrub in and assist the surgeon for an exploratory inguinal canal operation? Nah, didn't do much coz I know practically nil abt surgery, only held the opening open with retractors and cut sutures for the surgeon. *Note to self: must rmb to leave some suture left when cutting it. Not the time to be neat haha*

And!! I also got to do a catheter on another patient pre-op. so funny la the surgeon ask me whether I wanna do a catheter onot and I said "Errr.." coz felt abit hesitant as never did on real patient before yet. Then he said: "that means yes!" lol.

But it was great. :D I finally got over my fear of doing a catheter. I made some silly mistakes (they are very big on being aseptic here! my gosh) but hey, I'm sure next time I'll do better. Can't wait to practice more! Next hurdle to cross would be a cannula. woah, tat would be scary. o.O

Luckily, this time my group mates seem to be really nice ppl. So I'm happy. And the girl stays very close to me so she gives me lifts home when its late and there are no more buses. thank you! :)

Well, that would be about all for now. I sense a difficult week ahead so its good I'm all rested this weekend hehe.

I'll try update more on my experiences coz I'm sure my frenz like to read abt them. Let's hope Time is kind to me. Oh ya, and I have the mental and physical capacity left to blog. :P

PS: Btw some of the messages you guys gave are hilarious! I really LOL at some of them.. loving it :)

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