Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nature's Walk

Quite often, the walk back home during the evening helps me clear my head from the clutter of the day.

Looking at the rapidly darkening sky with the sun setting in the distance, its few rays glowing yellow. Taking a few deep breaths, breathing that fresh air. And the trees which looked so luscious yet mysterious at the same time. Trodding on the ground, which feels so solid under my feet aching over the day's burden of walking/standing on it.

And drinking in that wide openess of the land. I felt free somehow, as if anything could come true if I will it hard enough.

It is during these walks when I'm the most clear-headed about what I want in life. It is during these walks that I realise the hunger inside me for these dreams to come true one day, the sooner the better.

If only I could keep this feeling of freedom inside me... and never let it slip away - the power of believing in your dreams.


Harry MacDowel said...


thanks for reminding me of this feeling! Definitely gonna try it again today.

Cheers! And dun worry, you will zettai make it to the end.

Zzzyun said...

ooo! i didnt know there were ppl feeling the same way also.. cool :)

but this feeling only works if u are working bk home alone right? and then u hv time to reflect on ur thoughts..

gambatte for both of us! we can do it!! ^^