Friday, April 10, 2009

In Between

I'm up early on a friday morning which is a public holiday here (good friday) coz we are waiting to go to the beach. But the others haven't reply yet!

Are we going or not ah..? Or else I wanna go back to my comfy bed liao...


Yeah I haven't been updating the whole week not becoz I was busy. Coz this week is Campus Week and it's filled to the brim with boring mind-killing lectures. Seriously, I just stone through most of them, then wake up occasionally to copy something. lol.

I can't believe I will say this but I miss the lectures in imu!! *shocked face* lol.

Have a long weekend ahead, my new rotation Surgery starts next tuesday! Apparently heard the consultants on my team are quite strict but at least the teaching is good. hmm looks like I better buck up.

Okla, update more later. Tats.

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