Monday, November 09, 2009

Back Home

Oops, I'm back again. Have been pretty busy the previous few days. But I'm currently back home in Penang ade! yay~

I know I should be blogging more frequently now it's the holidays but heck, I don't have much to share except that Home = Bliss! :)

Results will be out on friday morning and I hope the unstable internet don't die on me then. Or I will absolutely die of palpitations! Of coz, I wanna pass also!!!

But that's not the main thing on my mind now. Guess what? Shopping! Haha sorry sometimes gotta do a bit of the girly stuff, right? I just read this blog post about shopping in Bangkok and the stuff is so freaking cheap that I'm just dying to go there now!! I need more new clothes. I realised I have so few clothes compared to some people :P

I need more of those cocktail dresses. That girls wear to semi-formal functions. I only bought my very 1st one last week with my ji-muis. Definitely need them to come and give me pro opinion haha.

Okla, I'm just rambling here.. Dreaming abt my potential holiday in Bangkok? Dunno if my parents will give the A-OK or not woh.

Shall keep on dreaming on for now... hehe. Need promotions for airfares please!

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