Monday, November 02, 2009

Where I Belong

Greetings from the land of humidity! Yes you are right! I've landed back home in Malaysia! Guess where am I blogging from now?

Mackers (that's what they called McD in aussie :P) in LCCT. Apparently they have 2 hours of free internet. But it's omg so freaking slow. I really have gotten used to the super fast internet in aussie. oh noes!

I'm so sleepy now lar. Waiting for the bf to finish classes so that he can come and pick me up. But dunno when leh. And I can't really snooze here also (coz this is malaysia) and I'm afraid I'll wake up to find all my belongings gone. Oops, that really says a lot on the local mentality aye?

I'll write more about exams later. Now, I'm just glad everything is OVER!

*ominous tone: for now!*

It has been sucha nervewracking month for all of us. We really felt the heat, man! And somehow the aussies are still so laidback, really geng! I really need to recharge myself these holidays and get ready for another even more stressful year ahead.

Okay, my thoughts are a bit flustered now coz I'm too sleepy. Didn't get much shut-eye in the plane despite being so tired... It was just too cramped. I wonder why I didn't think that last time I went to perth. Might have been more rested/excited then I guess.

Should stop rambling here... oh wait!! Something weird (?) happened just now. This angmoh lady came up to me in McD and wanted to use my comp to send an email or msn message to a friend. Before I went to perth I would have freaked out (you can't be overly paranoid in this country okay!! sorry lah! better to be safe than sorry k!) but somehow I knew she was in trouble and needed help.

And apparently she missed her flight due to delays during transit. That really sucks, doesn't it? And she won't get any refund either. So she needed to borrow computer to tell her friend that she won't be arriving anytime soon in paris. oh well, really bad luck!

Anyway, just glad that I managed to help someone really in need of help. :D My good deed for the day!

Okay lar, should really stop crapping now. Eyes closing... Must not close eyes. must not.

See ya guys soon! Holidays have already BEGUN!! Yay! ^v^


Titus said...

Happy Hols =) Don't worry about next year, its your FINAL year!

fireheart said...

Enjoy your time back home - it's precious!!!

Zzzyun said...

Titus> haha yeah i will def enjoy! eh it's not my final year wo.. in total got 6 yrs so i got another 2 yrs to go after this O.o

Juin Hui> yeap i will :)