Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blog Makeover

TADA! Greetings from a brand new place!! This was the cool thing that I said I was going to unveil at my blog soon. Had a bit of a delay due to internet connection problems.

So how do you guys like the new header and other stuff I added to the blog?

And this time, I'm proud to say - I did all of this from scratch!! I have been learning how to use the Adobe Illustrator program (a computer graphics vector drawing program) and this is my first masterpiece.

Many thanks to Khee Chun for teaching me the basics and your constructive cricitism as well. You are indeed a sifu difficult to please. haha. Thanks to Kee also for giving comments and encouragement. :)

I really spent many many hours labouring over this. days. Twinkering this and that. But I'm happy with the result. ^v^

As you guys probably noticed, I have changed from a gothic theme to something more cheery and bright. Decided I needed to see something that will brighten up my day the next few years when I load my blogpage. As I'm sure the next few years of medicine will be of a daunting and difficult nature ahead for me. Something to remind me that to keep on hoping and to make medicine your friend, not your enemy. (these last few words sound familiar eh! quoted from a famous lec in imu :P)

Okay, that's all for now. I need constructive critcism please! Will still make modifications if needed :)


eeveehow said...

That's really nice and cute, good job!

MichelleG said...

good one!! so cheery and bright, :)

Titus said...

You designed that all by yourself, that's cool !
Very big difference from your previous design, and I like the cheerfulness :)

CarynBear said...

ee.. so cute! me likes!! =)

Zzzyun said...

hey thanks alot guys. :D

im glad everybody liked the cheerfulness. i guess we all could do with some happy thoughts :)

any things that i need to change?