Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5th Year - Start

Hi again, guys. Been trying to update but the heat's getting to me. You know how when it gets really super hot here, all you just wanna do is lie in bed and not move at all. I'm not kidding. It's worse this year.

Anyway, I'm updating today because the weather is slightly kinder today and I feel better. I hope the weather keeps going down to a reasonable temperature. Or I won't feel like studying much, which is bad.

This gets me to the next thing I was going to talk about. Guess what rotation I am in now? Obstetrics and Gynaecology! O&G for short. We are currently in 3rd day of introduction (tomorrow is the last day) and just received our timetables on monday. And I must say, it's really crazily packed! omg.

There will be times where I'll hvta do night shifts or weekends as well. T____T Haha I expect I might be blogging less when things get hectic. Anyway, O&G seems pretty exciting and interesting so far. Lots of totally new things. Need to study soon aihs.

And maybe 5th year is really different. We are expected to be a more active part of the team. According to some of the teachers, we might be expected to make code blue calls (it's not such an easy task as well!), take histories, cannulate and take blood etc. Ie no more stepping backward to not be in the way but instead, to move forward and ask how we can help. yikes!

It's definitely gonna be a tough year, I foresee. But hey this time around, the unbelonging-ness actually feels familiar. oh yeah.


Titus said...

You go girl! Go "own" the year :)

Zzzyun said...

hahaha you made me laugh :) i will try my best... but i reckon it's gonna be mentally, emotionally and definitely physically draining! :O

MichelleG said...

im currently doing O&G as well!! definitely busy and quite interesting if u like women's health. something different. :) hope u get to see lots.

Zzzyun said...

ooo is it your 1st time or repeat d? (oh wait, i rmb reading u waiting at delivery suite rite..)

it certainly is very interesting indeed. lots of rather new stuff. haha i hope u get good opportunities as well!