Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not Backwards I Hope

Many Malaysian bloggers are currently jumping on the bandwagon and churning out their own views on the recent issue of the burning of churches + convent school  in protest of Christians using the word 'Allah' in references to God.

I am neither a Muslim or Christian, so in this case, I'm unbiased.

However, I do not protest to be an expert in either matters. Therefore, I shall hesitate to give my two cents worth on this matter, but would like my readers to please have a look at my friend's post here. I found it rather interesting.

And really, since eons ago, there has always been bloodshed over religion/race/[insert whatever difference you can think of].

Only fools repeat mistakes in history. We really have to clear our minds and think: Is this the direction that we really want to head in?

PS: An extra link for interest's sake. Click here.

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