Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cheers Towards A Better Year

With 光良品冠/Guang Liang Pin Guan's songs blaring on the background and a malfunctioning mouse, I will now attempt to write this post.

This will be the first post of 2010 and so far things have being going good. Spent a day mooning around Sunway with the bf. I love that place! Miss it so much! <3

Anyway, as usual lets have a look at the previous year's resolutions. (wow it seems weird to refer 2009 as previous year!)


Do well in clinical school. Pass exams. Procure more knowledge. Adapt to life in Perth. Make new friends. Keep in contact with the old ones. Be independent. Eat healthily. Exercise more. Spend less. Be more patient. My loved ones are safe and happy. Be less petty. More tolerant of others. Procastinate less. Maintain my relationship well with dear despite being in a LDR. And of coz, the most important of all, BE HAPPY!


I'm happy to report that I've managed to complete most of them to my satisfaction. :) But there is always room for improvement of course. However, I really dunno about the last one. Can I say I was generally happy the past year?

It was certainly a busy year, definitely a year of ups and downs. It was the first time I have to live a life away from everything I have ever known in a foreign country, filled with strange people emersed in a totally different culture.

Everything was really new to me then. It certainly took me time to adapt but I guess, after sometime, I finally got used to being on my own. I was really happy when dear dear came to visit me for a month. Everything just seemed to fall into its rightful place. It was nice being with him, and doing everything on our own! We especially enjoyed cooking! :)

I really can't confidently say I was very happy during 2009 but hey, it could always have been worse.

Maybe it was a more neutral sort of happiness in the small simple things in life. The happiness in being alive, in it being a new day, walking home humming a simple song, looking at the beauty of the sunset. That's being happy as well, isn't it?

And I think things are looking up. slowly.

Well, I won't write any real resolutions this year, maybe something along the lines of the above will do. What that is really important is that we gotta live life the best way we know. My motto in life.

Continue to fight for what we believe in. That dreams will come true if we work fervently towards achieving them. Hoping that everyone we love is happy.

Wishing everyone a blissful happy 2010! ^v^


Titus said...

Happee New Year !

Zzzyun said...

wishing u a fulfilling happy one as well! but i can see that you are doing well even before the new year has started! haha