Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For That That's Worth It

Human relationships can be such beautiful yet fragile things.

It takes time, effort and love to make one work. It encompasses all sorts of relationships - those between family members, lovers, friends, work colleagues, even the homeless man outside your house who you often give small change to. What's frightening is the fact that how easy an apparently strong relationship can break with a misunderstanding, a spatter of misplaced words uttered out of rage.

I realised if there is anything worth investing your time into, it's your relationships.

This year - continuting last year's effort - I will try my best to maintain (or improve if possible!) my relationships with my family, friends and dear dear of course. :)

Of coz, not forgetting, I must put in more effort into my studies!! I feel like I've not been up to my best last year. Possibly distracted by emo feelings. Shall try not to be affected too much this time around. Afterall, I've been through it before, right. Right?

I really hope this year will be a year that I will come to total accepting terms that I'm already a young adult, studying medicine in a faraway place, far from everything that I hold close to heart.

Can I do it?


~*eley *~ said...

you can do it. :)

Genova said...

yes you can :)

Zzzyun said...

thanks, Ellice and Genova. :)