Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I Am A Whiner

I'm currently week 7 in my obs & gynae posting. This week is relatively free but *gasp* my case presentation date has been set! First day of week 10 omg. Well maybe better to get it over with quick anyway. But we haven't started anything. *hyperventilate*

Anyway. The seniors who are currently working in adelaide/sydney will be coming back for graduation that week too. So can hang out after we are done! yay. Would be so good to see them again, miss them so much!

That reminds me, we also have our summative obs/gynae clinical exam to complete as well. Shall start to seek opportunities when I start being in team next week. Hope it will be good but I feel my knowledge is not up to scratch yet. Find time to study! (well more like mood currently, coz the hot weather definitely doesn't help)

Oh and I only have 1 more delivery shift left this coming saturday night and I have yet to be lucky enough to do any hands-on delivery! Major bummer. I look like this --> D: I really have tried my best so if I still don't get one on the last shift, so be it!

I am also trying to sort out the things for my elective. Will be applying to do a month stint in singapore next january. Very super mafan!!!! aihs. Made my dad wasted money buying health insurance for me as well and they had to send the letter AFTER he bought it. Thanks a bunch. *huff*

Hmm I also haven't quite decided what departments to go for yet though. Emergency department and general medicine are okay, but I need another 2 options. Suggestions? No surgery related things please.

Okay, I really should end here now before I sound like a total whiner. I dunno why recently opening this page does that to me. >.<