Saturday, March 13, 2010

Of Babies & Case Presentations

I haven't been updating again for a few days, I keep wanting to, but something more important keeps coming up. Or maybe I just feel too lazy tired. But am going to be freaking busy for the next last 2 weeks of O&G.

We have this super important EBM case presentation in a week's time. Which we hvta present the best evidence on the topic of 'Ectopic Pregnancy' to a lot of ppl. OMGGGGG!!

Firstly, the presentation is something really hard to do, especially finding and interpreting the best evidence. Journals, statistics :( Statistics and criticizing articles ain't my strong point, I'll have ya know. And secondly, public speaking is freaking scary. I'm so afraid I'll turn into a puddle standing in front of all the staring audience. Must practice first!!!

But must try our best. We kinda did the first cochrane meta analysis yesterday and it wasn't too bad. phiew. Jiayou to us!!!


I must mention here, after much effort and time spent, last weekend, I finally got to do half of a delivery under supervision. Why half, you ask? Well, the baby had to have a vaccumed assisted delivery, but the doctor was very nice, he let me do the shoulders onwards.

It was amazing. really. Being able to hold and touch the baby as it comes out and takes its first few breaths of life. I had to wait about 14 or 15 hours just for that birth. But I'm glad I did. ^v^ I wish I was luckier in getting more deliveries. But hey, it's alright. That's life, isn't it? I'm just happy my effort kinda paid off.


On another note, I just wanna say, medical students realise and appreciate it when doctors take the extra mile to teach or help us with stuff. We remember you even after time has passed. I wanna be a doctor like that next time. :)


vinodkumar said...

hi, its a really an unique feeling to hold a baby just born in your hands and you have your blog just like that unique and distinct...thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings...
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Zzzyun said...

hey vinodkumar,

thanks for your comment. im glad you enjoyed reading my blog. :) it is indeed a really unique feeling to hold a newborn baby. have u done it before?

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