Thursday, May 20, 2010


Just thought I will pop in and say hi before turning in for the night. Yes, it's kinda late now. But I have been getting quite a good amount of sleep for the past few days, until I find it hard to fall asleep at night! lol. That's a rarity in recent times. Well that's thanks to a relatively free week of community paediatrics!

Anyway, when I'm busy not doing anything, I'm slogging away on my reportssss... Kinda finished at least the gist of the developmental report and the 2nd case report. The former's discussion part was hell to write. Government policies are difficult to talk about. Can't believe I'm saying this but gimme a pico question anyday now.

At the very least, my procastination days for reports are over! *pats self on back* Not much improvement on the studying part though. Must buck up after I fully finish all my reports.

Okay? No more excuses, miss!

PS: Happy birthday, little sis! :) Go celebrate after your exams! haha.

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