Monday, May 17, 2010

The Reverse

I didn't realise I haven't blogged for so long. okay 1 week isn't that long but still... It's weird, days seem to be swooshing past nowadays. I feel that all I am doing is trying to get from one thing to the next.

In less than 3 weeks' time, it will be time for my long-awaited mid year break! Can't wait for that. Will be going to Brisbane to visit my two best friends and other good friends as well! :D

Anyway, my presentation is over and done with. I thought it went pretty okay on my part, I must be improving on public speaking. I shall not go into a long grandmother's story but suffice to say, it was a tricky and complicated situation. Some of the personal comments made after the presentation didn't sit very well with me, I must admit. Hence the rants on Facebook, which gathered quite a bit of attention actually. I'm lucky to have friends that care about me. :) Don't worry, I am careful to make vague Facebook statuses. Don't want to get thrown out of med school because of something insignificant like that. lol.

However, I just received a message from a friend. Looks like it's gonna be a more drawn out affair due to the fact that someone made an official complaint. Not about me, thank goodness. It's too difficult to explain here without going into specifics. Just that it's interesting to note, the people being complained about are not the ones that upset me.

So now. I'm doing my last 3 weeks of Paediatrics, which is community-based. Nothing too heavy really. Which is a good end to a relatively busy term. All I need to do is attend my rostered clinics and attend the tutes and lectures scheduled - which are not that much now that's nearing the end of term. Oh and yes, the most important thing, finish up on my 3 reports left for Paeds. Hope to get them done relatively soon so I can relax.

I wonder how this week is going to turn out. Can't wait for the weekend. Have 2 dinners lined up this weekend. Time to catch up with friends. :)


debbi said...

2 dinners plus a waffle friday. Yay!

Zzzyun said...

ooo i almost forget about the waffle friday! love our friday hangout routine! :D