Saturday, May 01, 2010

Slow Down

Today was sucha nice day. Not because anything special happened - because it didn't! Haha.

Didn't do much today except went to market for usual weekly groceries, did weekly laundry, made some slides for an upcoming presentation (yes another one! ahhh!), cook and sleep. Sucha simple day yet feels so good to take it easy once in a while. phiew.

Recharging once in a while is needed I think. Or else we will get really burnt out.

We went to San Churios on friday afternoon - we are starting a friday afternoon ritual of hanging out - it does wonders for the stress!

The chocolate shake was lovely! And the Churios were very nice too! But the latter is a bit on the expensive side though.


I have been having some weird vivid dreams recently.

The last one I had involved zombies taking over the world; and all I had for self protection was a (never ending loaded) gun and an umbrella. How crazy is that??

I think my REM sleep is getting more screwed up when I'm really really tired. First is a bloody accident, then homicide, now zombies?! Oh my gosh.

I need more rest, I think.

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