Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pre-Holiday Week

Aloha! I'm back again and instead of giving excuses for the absence on this blog - all I can say is, for once, I'm not extremely busy. On the contrary, actually. I'm bored. Bored means there is nothing interesting happening or when I do think of something remotely interesting, I don't have a computer with me.

But anyway. After all that crap that I typed in less than a minute or something. Woah, I think I'm in a crapping mood. Better hold in the reins.

Okay, let's try again.

Well, I will be ending with my last week of Paediatrics. Community part of it is not really that great, to be honest. Limited clinical exposure. But anyway, all I have left are a few clinics, 1 lecture and 1 cbl. Radiology tutes have been cancelled. So I think my thursday and friday will be free. What am I going to do with all that time??

Yes, the resounding answer should be STUDY!! But omg, I'm in sucha holiday mood.. anticipating my Brisbane trip! My besties have already planned such an awesome itinerary for me! :D

Okay la. I dunno what to crap already. :( I will try to update when I think of something whimsical or inspiring. Instead of these sporadic boring updates k? ;)

For now, good night all!


k0k s3n w4i said...

i keep a small notebook with me to record any interesting thought which comes up - and only 10% of those thoughts managed to go through my writing process and end up on my blog.

there just aren't enough time to write them all :(

Zzzyun said...

haha i agree...

maybe i shld write down thoughts on my phone or something. but sometimes i prefer thinking about them instead of writing them down?

I always think that I will remember them when I want to but either I don't or the feeling of wanting to say that has passed.

oh well.