Monday, February 04, 2008

Memories From A Memorial

I've never been to a memorial before this.

Well, I guess I've been lucky. But not anymore.

full house - photo courtesy of junlin

Yeah, the hall was filled to the brim. That was how many ppl that came to Nianz' memorial. Extra chairs had to bring in too.

The ceremony was pretty simple. It started with a few speeches by her dad, her close friend and a 'brother' in sunday school in the temple. The speech by her dad and close friend, Amy was really touching. I do not dare to imagine the pain her family and close friends must be in now.

Anyway, after that there was some chanting by the monks. Took a pretty long time. In between, we observed a minute of silence for her. I didn't want to be bored as that would be rude, so I indulged my mind with the few memories I had of her.

Some memories of her speaking her mind during English class and how Mr.Ranjit would agree heartily, nodding his head. A memory of her coming to class with a bandage over one of her eyes because she was hit in the eye with a shuttlecock while praticing for the tournament in college. She was quite good-natured about it too. Another memory of her tall frame walking beside me during that hot afternoon to the carpark. And I commented on how tall she was.

I think that was about all. I'm not known for my "amazing memory" ya know. And it's a pity that I could only remembered so few.

It's surprising how so many of my frenz are linked together after all. After this incident, I found out apparently many of my frenz knew each other or thru a mutual friend. The world is indeed a small place after all...

I was hoping to see more of my college frenz during the memorial as we needed more ppl to make a huge impact. But sadly, only a few turned up. And it was kinda sad that we could only meet up (after so long of virtually non-contact) when a classmate of us has passed away, isn't it? That was what I felt when I suddenly saw them.

Well, what's done can't be undone. Let's just hope that this incident can make a change in the world so that her death won't be in vain.

Sign the petition now if you care!

PS: So far only Sin Chew Daily has reported abt the event. You can read it here (sry for those who can't read chinese). We need more papers to cover the event! The media is a major catalyst for change!

Update: Looks like there are more newspapers that covered the event. Read abt it - The Star and Guang Ming Daily.


sam said...

I wish I could have been there to show my respects as well.


It has really affected all of us deeply.

Zzzyun said...

somehow it has affected alot of us deeply - regardless of whether we knew her personally onot - isn't it?

because it reminds us of the fact that it could have been anyone of our close frenz, even us involved in that bus crash..

well at least u did what u could by blogging abt it, rite? thks..

fireheart said...

I was really sorry that I couldn't make it to the memorial. I had something else on. Wish I could be there but then again, it's the thought that counts. More than ever, I prayed in my heart for her. May Nian Ning rest in peace. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

k33LaLa said...

Even though I dont know her personally, but as one of the students in the same professional field, I'm praying for her heartly. May God bless her in the other world.

Zzzyun said...

fireheart> well it certainly was a pity tat u cudnt make it to the memorial. wud have been nice to see you - tho under such circumstances - maybe not.

well i can only hope tat she rests in peace. sigh*

keelala> many of us didn't know her personally too, but somehow her tragedy seems to tug on our heartstrings. maybe it was because she was just like anyone of us. an ordinary girl living life to the fullest.

anyway, i hope tat god blesses her too...

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