Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Year

365 days.

8760 hours.

525,600 minutes.

31,536,000 seconds.

It all boils down to the same thing. We have finally come so far as to reach the one year mark. Sometimes when I think abt it, I still can't believe it.

[btw this post is super duper delayed becoz I was lazy so you will never know when is our anniversary! hehe]

One Year Anniversary. Even the words taste sweet in my mouth. =)

I still rmb the day when we offically became an item. Wasn't it funny how embarassed we were when our frenz saw us holding hands? That scene is deeply imprinted in my short-term-memory brain, so I shall declare it a feat indeed!

I could go on and on but oops I really shouldn't be mushy in my blog. That will certainly put off many of my readers. *shields eyes with hand and looks around* I can see some of them puking in the wastebin now.

Actually I'm just looking for an excuse to get off the hook. Coz however unrestrained I may blog abt some of my thoughts, there are still some things I prefer to keep private okay. huhu..

Anyway, I shall blog abt how we spent that memorable day then. As I am afraid one day my memory will really fail me, so I'll have some sort of journal for me to remember the past! Besides, it's fun to read back ur own old entries, right? It's like seeing youself slowly grow up then old and become more mature to the person you are today.

Digressed. Here we go.

We had something like a 2-day celebration as there wasn't enough time to do all the things we wanted to do in one night. So it started with us watching a movie the night before. oops I suddenly can't remember what movie that we watched. >.<

On the day itself, it was ngam ngam a public holiday [nah a hint for you! hehe] so we went to Sunway Pyramid for a nice dinner.

But before dinner, we decided to splurge on some yummy Baskin Robbin's ice cream first! yay~

Flavours are Straberry Cheesecake and Pralines & Cream

Omg, any flavours with cheesecake in it is my favourite haha! The caramel in the pralines & cream is not too bad too. Looks like I really have a sweet tooth! :P We wanted to have more flavours but the person serving us was in this super dark mood and had already scooped it full of two flavours. So we decided to leave it at that.

In the end, even tho the ice cream was superbly delicious and we did managed to finish it, we were of the same opinion that the quart sized tub was not for suitable two people that were gonna have a good dinner soon. lol. And even 2 wonderful flavours can get a bit cloying after a while. >.<

Next time we shall take the pint sized tub okay! Sadly, February doesn't have 31st, hvta wait till March ade.. *boohoo*

We walked around the shopping mall for some time, trying to expend more calories so that we'll have space in our tummies for our dinner.

Which leads me to the fact that the bf was so nice to had made a reservation at TGIF. Coz it was packed to the brim when we're there. [I did mention it was a public holiday ma..]

nice slogan on the napkin

I'll certainly agree to the "fun" part

I dunno whether it's because they had just opened but the workers there are mightily enthusiatic abt their job! They were singing, joking and wishing customers hello/goodbye all the time!

I had to admit, their smiles were certainly infectious. I couldn't help smiling while watching them. There was this guy at the bar that was trying to juggle cutlery too. Damn farny. He was also the same guy leading the rest into the cheering sort of songs.

The service was fabulous too. Very attentive but not over-intruding into people's privacy. *thumbs up*

Anyway, the food was here after a reasonable wait, where we were kept adequately entertained then.

First up is appetizer.

not too bad, certainly thick and full of mushrooms

But I won't say I super like it coz I think we unfortunately got the bottom part of the pot so the soup was a tad too thick. But on the overall, not too bad. Can't rmb the price except for the fact it was rather pricey due to the fact they had hiked up the prices on that very day! aikz.

I had heard that one meal they served in TGIF is enough to feed two. So we of coz decided to order one set only.

This is what we decided, after running thru all the choices.

very nice! one of their specials

The breast meat was really succulent, so juicy when we bite thru them. And tinged with some sweetness as it was cooked with slices of pineapple. The mashed baked potato was rather delicious too!

Hated the gree vege tho, coz it reminds of the time when I ate the very same vege in my high school and I found a dead white worm! yikes.

Imho, this set was rather expensive for the portion given. Abt RM 30 smtg I think. It was lucky that we had stuffed ourselves silly with ice cream earlier or I don't think this would have been enough for two of us. And it was a pity the portion was small because it was really delicious. sad~

Maybe we will go back some other time, when the prices are cheaper. =/ I heard there's this promotion set that includes appetizer, main meal plus dessert at a reasonable price? And that this set is enough for two? Anyone who knows abt this please let me know ya. kthxbai.

So that was how we spent our special day. Nothing really fancy, but the meaningfullness of that day remain in our hearts. <3

Here's to a year full of happiness, memories, occasional tears and most importantly, love. =) I love you, dear dear. ^v^ Let's hope there will be many more years to come ya? *hugs*

Gifts? That shall be left to another post! It certainly deserve one of its own! Highly anticipate it alright! Ciaoz!


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k33LaLa said...

Wah...u forgot wat movie we watched? Its "National Treasure" lor...Thx for the post dear. Love u forever! Muax

k0k s3n w4i said...

was it on the 31st of January? Just a random guess, this.

May many many more years come for you and your man. I can't even celebrate Vday k T_T

You misspelled "minutes".

Zzzyun said...

suntzu> haha my blog quite often abt food. lol

kee> ooo sowie... paiseh it slipped of my mind for a while, u know my short term memory prob ma!

haha glad u like the post! love you too! ^v^

k0k> yeah u are right abt the date haha! good guess!

haha we dont get to celebrate Vday either! im in penang while he's in kl T_T but good also lah, can save money coz everytin is overpriced tat day hehe

oops miss tat wrong spelling~ corrected ade! thks.